Reminiscing Baguio: Cafe by the Ruins and La Top Fresh Organic Produce

I was browsing my photos folder and saw our old snapshots from our Baguio trip last year. Each time I go to Baguio (I used to go there on a business trip), I see to it that I visit my favorite cafe - Cafe by the Ruins, which is just a walk away from Holiday Park Hotel or Palladin Hotel where I always stay.
Cafe by the Ruins is situated at the old garden theater of Phelps Whitmarsh, the first civil governor of Benguet. The house was built early in the last century and destroyed in World War II.
The cafe offers gourmet food with a comfy touch. Imagine the classic Filipino pandesal with herbed cheese spread (ricotta cheese & yogurt blended w/ butter,garlic, chives and paprika) paired with Chocolate de Agua (pure, bittersweet chocolate tablea dissolved in water, the Mexican way, with a touch of sugar). They also offer a wide array of pasta, salads and entrees.

The interiors are nevertheless antique, yet homey. I could spend a whole day here just reading a good book and sipping my hot chocolate. Cafe by the Ruins is also a haven for photographers and artists alike.
They also have a bunch of goodies like wines, coffee, teas - all products of Benguet.

They also offer pates, sweets, ricotta cheese and yogurt.

A wide variety of jams and spreads are also available. The food and the ambiance is not only what drives me crazy about Cafe by the Ruins. They also have La Top, a fresh organic market.

As I am a beauty and wellness advocate, I believe that real beauty must come from within. And that means eating fresh goodies all the time. I must admit, I am not a big fan of veggies, but when it's fresh broccoli, asparagus and mushrooms we are talking about, I swear I can have the entire week munching on these goodies. Steamed, stir-fried or soup. I even tell the lady from La Top that their shiitake mushrooms motivates me to wake up in the most unholy hour (like 6 am, I am not a morning person, bow!) just to make sure I get one because they only have about 3 packs a day, and it's selling like hotcakes.

I also see to it that I bring home fresh lettuce, carrots, alfalfa and cauliflower for my hubby and brother who loves eating salads.

They also have free range eggs, fresh home-made yogurt which I see to it that I hoard a pint or two, honey which I love adding in my bowl of yogurt.

And what is a Baguio trip without bringing home lots of strawberries? Fresh, jam, tea, yogurt, name it, La Top has it.


  1. Type ko yung sinigang nila. Malapot instead na malabnaw:).

  2. tlga sis? never tried it eh, madalas kasi breakfast ako nandito, in time for the organic market. cge we'll check that out


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