Puerto Princesa City, Palawan Day 1: City Tour and Food Trip

Mine and hubby’s month-long birthday celebration ended with the much-awaited Palawan trip. We’ve been longing to go to Palawan because of the reviews we’ve heard about it. People say the place is serene, a perfect destination when you want to bond with nature. True to the reviews we’ve read and heard, Palawan is really one heck of a peaceful piece of the Philippines.
If last month’s travel started with an annoying flight, this trip started ala amazing race. We arrived earlier than 7am in NAIA Terminal 3. Our flight was at 8:10 am, so we thought that we are just in time. But I guess we are wrong. The queuing took so long before we get in to the check-in counter. To make the story worst, the person in-charge of the x-ray scanner told us that we have to check-in our bags because we have 2 folding umbrellas. Our tickets are the Go-Lite ones so we are not supposed to check-in anything. But then I have no other choice but to pay Php 400 for our check-in baggage. While at the check-in counter, I’ve heard the boarding call for our flight. So we rushed to Gate 116, however we were again stocked in a long line going to the boarding area. Anyways, alas, we finally board the plane after a breathtaking race.

The weather is good when we landed at the Puerto Princesa Airport. Outside, the van from Liberty Park Pension awaits us. About 5 minutes ride from the airport, we safely arrived in Liberty Park Pension. I was so happy when we arrived because Ms. Cleng (09398486820) told us that the room is already ready (as early as 9 am). So the guard assisted us to our room which was on the second floor. I got a Deluxe Room (1 queen and 1 single bed, aircon, hot and cold shower, tv) for Php 1,250 per night. The room is just a plain room with no such amenities like a hotel, but it does have a very homey feel. For its price, I highly recommend this pension house to families or barkadas who are on a budget. Their nice staff is a bonus. Tthey are very lenient about check-in and checkout schedule. The only thing I do not like about Liberty Park Pension is that on our second day, they only offer vegetable omelet or continental breakfast, which may be a turn off to heavy breakfast eaters like us.
After taking some rest, we headed to Bilao’t Palayok along Rizal Ave for Lunch. I told my hubby that I wouldn’t eat pork in Palawan, to give way to my seafood cravings. At Bilao’t Palayok, I ordered Garlic Buttered Crabs and Spicy Squid. I also had Iced Tea Shake which is so refreshing. I was surprised because the food is so inexpensive here. Garlic Buttered Crabs cost Php 180 and the serving is already good for two. The food is so delicious; I couldn’t stop myself I even ate without spoon and fork! The good thing is we only paid less than Php 500 bucks for this feast. Now I am really loving Palawan.

After lunch, Kuya Danny (09106661767) met us in Bilao’t Palayok. He is supposed to take us on a city tour but he has a Honda Bay tour ongoing so he referred Kuya Mar (09196877221). We started our city tour at around 12:30 pm. Our first stop is the church. We went inside and prayed for a safe and sound trip.

Just across the church is the Plaza Cuartel who used to be a military headquarters during the World War II where about 150 Americans died. Kuya Mar even pointed at a hole that serves as an entrance to a tunnel leading to Iwahig.

Next stop is the baywalk. The breeze is so relaxing here. The baywalk is just near the pier where ships from Manila used to dock. Kuya Mar said that because of the super affordable promos of all domestic airlines, these domestic passenger ships refuse to sail anymore.

After taking some photos at the baywalk, we proceeded to Binuatan Creations. The people here are very accommodating that they will even teach you how to weave and let you try it hands-on. I also browse through their selection of bags, slippers, hats and many more. I bought a pair of slippers for my baby (Php 55) and a fan for my mom (Php 70). To my surprise, they gave me a discount and I only paid Php 110 for the two items.

Mitra’s Ranch was our next destination. We are lucky because the caretaker let us took pictures at the veranda of the rest house and even some photos inside. I love the view here. You can see the different islands in Honda Bay from its lanai. How I wish I have a house like this, above a hill, just minutes away from the beach.

We went to Baker’s Hill next. Too bad, there was no ube hopia left for us. So I decided to buy diced monggo hopia and butterscotch instead. We also had sago’t gulaman as refreshments.
Since it is already 3pm, we decided to head off to the Crocodile Farm. The road to the Crocodile Farm is bumpy. Kuya Mar said that the way to Iwahig Penal Farm is bumpier than this so we decided not to go to Iwahig anymore. When we reached the Crocodile Farm, the guard told us that we are scheduled to enter at 3:30 pm. So we waited in one of the cabanas where there are small crocodiles for photo ops. There are also a few stores selling souvenir items like rainmakers, stuffed toys, etc. Not long enough, the tour guide called us and led the way inside the Crocodile Farm.

At the entrance, there is a preserved skeleton of a giant crocodile which was said to attack a person long time ago. We also saw crocodiles of different sizes, ostriches, owls, wild boar and a lot more. The tour lasted about 30 minutes.

And at last, we went to Tiangge Tiangge to buy pasalubong. I bought Cashew nuts for Php 120 and Cashew Tart at Php 160. There are also small rainmakers at Php 15 each. Palawan is also known for pearls. You can buy different kinds of pearls at a very reasonable price here. After we shop in Tiangge Tiangge, Kuya Mar brought us back to Liberty Park Pension and that ended our City Tour. Kuya Mar’s city tour package using his tricycle is at Php 500 only.

For dinner, we chose between Bona’s Chaolong or Haim’s Chicken Inato. Since hubby wants to eat heavy dinner, we opted to eat in Haim’s. We ordered one pecho and chicken skin, plus, guess what, four orders of rice for just the two of us. We are really starving and tired because of our city tour. Haim’s Chicken Inato is nothing special for me. I still love the chicken inato at Dear Manok in Cagayan de Oro City. Also, the chicken skin’s serving is too small, to think that the server said that it is good for two people. I still like Dear Manok’s or Chicken Ati-atihan’s chicken skin.
This ended our first day in Palawan. We went back to the pension house to sleep early in preparation for our Dos Palmas tour the next day.

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