A Day in Shangri-La Boracay Resort and Spa

The highlight of our 2010 Boracay trip is none other than – the famous exclusive cove of Shangri-La Boracay Resort & Spa. After visiting Discovery Shores, we head off to Shangri-La, taking their 11:30 am shuttle from Budget Mart in D’Mall. The ride took around 15-20 minutes. We passed by Fairways and Bluewater. I also saw the arch saying “Diniwid” where Microtel and the other exclusive beaches are. This is the quiet part of Boracay, away from the party scene of the white beach. If you are staying in Shangri-La, you will be transported from Caticlan by a private speedboat and bring you directly to the resort. If you are going here on a helicopter, don’t fret, they have their own helipad.
Upon arriving at the resort, we are immediately transported to a different world. The walkway towards the lobby is surrounded by water which makes the place even more relaxing. Its open air lobby is the total opposite of other Shangri-La hotels in Manila, laid-back and refreshing, perfect for an island like Boracay.
Shangri-La Boracay has five restaurants: Cielo (poolside), Alon Bar which offers a wide variety of drinks, Sirena (seafood restaurant), Solana (wine cellar) and Vintana where you can have their buffet. We decided to have lunch in Cielo, a poolside restaurant. We originally wanted to have lunch by the beach but too bad, it rained all day. So we took one of the cabanas at the centre of the huge infinity pool. Cielo’s specialty is pizza, and when they mean special, they are not kidding. We ordered Meatzza pizza (Php 500, eight slices), a thin-crust pizza topped with ham, salami, ground meat and onions.
The ham alone is really tasty. Combined with the finest cheese, this pizza is something I would love have again and again. I ate 4 slices! Yummy! Even my husband and baby Akisha can’t get enough of this delicious treat. I could imagine how yummy the other pizzas are, especially the four cheese and seafood pizza.
Since we were disappointed because our favourite Sands Mango Cheesecake in Discovery Suites is out of stock, we decided to order Shangri-La’s Classic Baked New York Cheesecake (Php 250).
It is the cheesiest cheesecake I’ve ever tasted in my life. There is no crust, just cheese! It is served with a berry compote and chocolate chip on top. Believe me, I almost finished the whole serving! For its price, it is definitely worth it. Next time, I would love to try their seafood selections in Sirena or their lunch buffet in Vintana.
After lounging in the cabanas, we decided to start taking a look at the rooms. For you to get to the suites and villas, you have to ride a buggy. On of the guest services staff guided us and even drove the buggy for us.
First stop is the Premiere Beachfront Rooms. It has a balcony where you can have a laid back afternoon, read a book or bathe in the sun. If you are into beach bumming, like me, you will love this room.
Next Stop is the Seaview Suite. It has an outdoor Jacuzzi where you can have a dip with your special someone. It also has a very spacious walk in closet, a tub and a fluffy bed. This is perfect for those on a honeymoon, very exclusive, just the two of you.
Lastly, we head off to one of the Villas. The Villa is so spacious you can even do yoga inside or in your very own garden. It also has its private pool, a lounge area and a walk-in closet. This is perfect for those who would really love to unwind and getaway with the noise of the city.
After the rooms, we also checked out The Chi Spa. When you enter the main lobby of the spa, you will really feel you are in The Chi Spa, same scent and feel like The Chi Spa in EDSA Shangri-La. You can have your treatments in one of their private villas/rooms where there is a Jacuzzi, a changing room and the treatment area. Nirvana is within reach in this spa. You will really feel your mind and spirit marrying nature here.
And what is a Boracay resort without white sand? Shangri-La Boracay has two beach areas, one in Punta Bunga which they share with Club Panoly and the other one right in front of Alon Bar. The sand here is not as fine as the one in Station 1. According to the one who guided us (I apologize for having forgotten his name), the sand here are like the ones in Puka Beach, off white and coarser.
This is the cove that they share with Club Panoly.
And this is their exclusive beachfront.
I would definitely recommend Shangri-La Boracay if you are getting tired of the busy party life of the white beach. Yes, it may be pricey, but because of the endless things you can do in this resort, and the service you can get from their friendly staff, and the delicious food they offer, the price is nevertheless, worth it.
Special thanks to Ms. Erica Sotto and Ms. Christine Vivo of Shangri-La Boracay for accommodating us. You may also visit their website here. For more photos, please click here.


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