Boracay 2010 Escapade: Day 3

Time flies too fast and we had arrived at our last day of vacation. We had breakfast again at the roof deck, this time I ordered Bangusilog and hubby had Longsilog. Since the rain already stopped and the sun is shining, we head to the beach immediately after eating breakfast.
We borrowed a beach chair from Ms. Cris of Tans Guesthouse and stayed at the beachfront. I ordered two mango shakes beside Island Souvenir at Php 50 each and bathe in the sand and waves.
My baby is really enjoying this. She keeps on running towards the beach with her inflatable toy. Since it is my dream to have nicely tanned complexion, I applied coconut oil all over my body. And yes, it does the trick. I wasn't burned, but tanned. My skin does not feel tight or itchy or stingy. I will make sure to always bring coconut oil when I go to the beach.
After bathing in the sun, we went back to our room. There, I saw another nightmare from Seair. I saw 2 missed calls from an unknown number and a text saying that our flight (scheduled at 4:55pm is cancelled, and that we will be diverted to Kalibo and board Zest Air which is expected to depart at 4:55 pm. I got pissed off again. First, it is because It’s 11 am already and we haven’t packed our stuff yet. Second, for god’s sake, it is the nth time they are attempting to move our flight. Third, the weather is sunny, so I do not think that weather could be a problem. Lastly, I have an infant with me who will definitely not like the 2 hour zigzag travel to Kalibo. I texted them to call me immediately. I even called the number but some untrained customer service agent answered it and didn’t help me much. She just said that it was the instruction and she cannot do anything about it. WTF! Why is she in customer service in the first place if she does not know how to pacify their clients??? Thgis is getting hopeless so we went to the Seair’s office in D’Mall, which didn’t help either. I really swear, I won’t book this airline again.
After that useless talk with Seair, we browsed some pasalubong in D’Mall and went home.
There, I got another call from Seair saying that our flights will be reverted to the original one, at 4:55pm, in Caticlan. I was relieved and at the same time thinking that this must be a setup. Once we are there, they will tell us that we will go to Kalibo and ride a Zest Air flight. Oh please, don’t.
Before totally leaving the island, we went to D’Talipapa and bought some unsalted danggit at Php 130 per 250g and dried pusit at Php 135 per 250g. I also got dried dilis at 20 per pack. If you plan to buy dried fish in D’Talipapa, look for these girls and their products are delicious, plus they are very accomodating. You may also contact Elizabeth Dried Fish at 09395055321.
I also got some CJ’s piayaya at 3 for Php 100, Bong Bong’s Toasted Muffins at 3 for Php100 and Pinasugbo at Php 25 each. I was also able to buy a beach dress for Akisha at Php 100.
After shopping for pasalubongs, we ate lunch at Andoks , still in D’Talipapa. There came the rain again after we eat. So we went home wet and cold.
We dressed up, packed our things and checked out at Tans Guesthouse.
Upon arriving at the airport, my speculation was right. They are diverting us to Kalibo, riding a propeller Zest Air plane. I am so annoyed with this airline. Thank god we were home safe and sound now.


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