Boracay 2010 Escapade: Day 2

We got up early and had breakfast at Tans Coffee Shop. Hubby had Bangusilog while I had Tocilog. The food is a simple, homey breakfast served at the roof deck of Tans Guesthouse main building. The coffee is the ordinary 3-in-1 coffee which isn’t a big deal for me. Unfortunately, the WiFi is under repair so we weren’t able to use it.
After breakfast, we went to our favorite spot on white beach, Discovery Shores in Station 1. En route, we took some photos on Willy’s Rock. The tide was low so we can walk along the beach with much ease.
At Discovery Shores, we ordered our old time bets, Watermelon shake and Twinnings Raspberry Iced Tea. I also ordered my favorite Sands Mango Cheesecake but sadly, it is out of stock. Our drinks cost around Php 392.
We lounge in their beach beds, let Akisha play in the sand, had photo op at their logo and I was surprised to know that my favorite spa in Ortigas is now in this island paradise – Terra Wellness Spa.
We explored Discovery Shores’ widest beach on Station 1 stretch. This area is really relaxing. I can imagine myself doing yoga here. Very peaceful, the sound of the waves calms down my stressed out nerves. This is paradise. I want to retire in an island like this.
Since the shuttle to Shangri-La arrives in D’Mall at 11:30, we got ready after our long walk in Station 1.
The shuttle arrived just in time when we are already in Budget Mart in D’Mall. Please click here as my Shangri-La Boracay story continues.
We went home at around 4pm, took some rest, had some beer and watched news because we wanted to know the weather forecast, as it rained the whole day in the island.
After watching the news, we went out for dinner. We decided to try one of the Dinner Buffets along Station 2. We settled in Bugs Grill. They have grilled clams, oysters, pork liempo, steamed crabs, shrimps, meat viands, soup and fruits. I ate without using my utensils because the oysters, crabs and shrimps are simply irresistible! The Dinner Buffet is priced at Php 300 per head excluding drinks.
After dinner, we walked along Station 2 again and then went home to call it a night.


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