Cebu/ Mactan 2008

Our 2008 Cebu/Mactan trip is very memorable one for me and my hubby for a number of reasons. First, it's our first Cebu trip. Second, we almost missed our flight because we were late due to bad weather. We entered the airport about 5 minutes before the doors closed. And lastly, this is where my hubby proposed to me =)

We stayed in Hotel Cesario/Bellavista Hotel in Lapu Lapu City, about 5 minutes from Mactan airport. The rooms are just basic. They have a rooftop resto where they also have their pool.

From the hotel, we took a cab going to Mactan (Costabella Resort). Since we are not amazed of Costabella's beachfront, my hubby hired a boat and went island hopping.

We went to 2 islands whose names I already forgot. The first one is an island with no shore at all. I was surprised when the tour guide told me that we can just dive there! Oh no, I told the boatman to please bring us somewhere that has a shore! LOL

We cruised the sea again and head to the next island. God, the water is so blue and quiet, which means its sooooooooooo deep! But it's super clear we can see the corals and fishes down there.

There, I can see the shore now. What a relief! Here on this very island, hubby proposed to me. =)

And there are lot's of starfishes,too!

Then we went back to Costabella to have our lunch.

Next Day, we went to Magellan's Cross

Sto. Nino Church

And of course, CNT Lechon!


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