Boracay 2008

Again, another overdue post. Our Boracay trip in 2008.

This is my first time to ride a propeller plane, and I swear, I don't wanna ride this plane again. But I have no choice when I was tasked to go to Davao and from Davao I flew to Zamboanga via... guess what...a propeller plane.

The Paraws. though I wqas not ablle to ride one that time.

The shore in station 2 is a bit messy that time because of the weather.

Nice sand castle.

Seafoods Galore at La Reserve.

Pasalubong and food trip at D'Mall. Our accomodation was just a few tumble away from D'Mall.

Cute ref magnets. I still have one lobster in my fridge now.

This is where e stayed. You can check out We got the standard aircon room and booked through

The rooms are made of native materials and has a veranda where you can chillout at night. Ban's Beach Resort is a beachfront resort in between stations 1 & 2.

The room has a private bath, TV, aircon and mini fridge. 1 double bed and 1 single bed. The price is around Php 1,500 per night with breakfast. not sure how much is it now.

Boracay is breathtaking, The sand is just too fine like no other.

The famous Willy's Rock.

Lounging infront of Pearl of the Pacific on Station 1.

i think this is their Presidential Suite.

Discovery Shores that time is the newest resort in Boracay. (2008)

Discovery Shores' beach beds. They have the widest and nicest beachfront in Station 1 that time.

The Sands Bar

Discovery Shores' pool. Small but sophisticated.

Bean bags! It is really nice to have coffee here.

Fridays Station 1

Bamboo Lounge. This is where Bans Beach guests are served sumptous breakfast.

They also have a fine selection of drinks.

Juices galore!

What is Pinoy's breakfast without the "silogs'?

Nice ornaments.

tatoo anyone? Make sure you don't stain your resort's sheets 'cause they will seriously charge you for it.

We were able to visit our friend who works in Alta Vista de Boracay. The property is uphill and gives a super nice view ontop.

The Clubhouse

Inside one of the units. A view from the loft. This is nice for a small family who doesn't want the "busy" feel of the main beach.

The loft has 2 double beds which can accomodate 4 adults.

Alta Vista's Macapuno Leche Flan

Infinity Pool

We also walked through the resorts in Station 2. We tried Boracay Regency's Zhu Asian Cuisine.

Shakes and Cocktails from Zhu.

fire dance. These dancers are really fierce and fabulous!

On our last day in Boracay, we went back to Discovery Shores to cherish our remaining vacation hours.

And lastly, we went to Cyma for lunch. If I am not mistaken, this is the original Cyma branch befor it reached Greenbelt.

A Cyma visit is not complete without a Spinach and Artichokes Fondue.


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