Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol

Though this is a bit overdue (as in super overdue), I would like to share our photos durring our first Bohol Trip in 2007. This is also our first plane ride together (my hubby, bf that time)

Alona Beach in Panglao island is a very serene resort. A perfect getaway from city life.
We stayed in Alona Tropical Beach Resort. For info, you can browse their website at During that time, we do not know yet how to do DIY tours so we booked through Filipino Travel Center (

Here's a glimpse of their beachfront restaurant which serves sumptous foods. They even have gigs at night so it's really nice to chillout here and listen to the waves and wind while having cocktails.

white sand. white sand. white sand.

Here's a photo of their pool. Our room is a Poolside Fan room so we have easy access to the pool.

Too bad, the jacuzzi isn't working that time.

Mango Shake, yumyum!We rented a car from Alona Tropical to have a stroll of the city. First stop is a lighthouse (according to the tour guide, this is where Cesar Montano proposed to Sunshine Cruz. He even hired the Loboc Choir on this occassion)
Baclayon Church

The Loboc River Cruise is such an experience. The Boholanos really have a unique way of entertaininng people. They are sooo talented!

I did not enjoy the food much in this cruise, but the experience is really something remarkable.

Hello tarsier!

The hanging bridge. I'm too afraid of heights so I am the official photographer here.

Man Made forest. This is just so breathtaking. I hope we can preserve this place. One of a kind.

And of course, a Bohol trip wouldn't be compete without seeing the.....CHOCOLATE HILLS!

Below is the stairs to Hinagdanan Cave. There's a part inside where you can swim. The water is too cold in there!

Bohol Bee Farm is Bohol's rendition of Ilog Maria in Cavite where you can buy organic bee products.

Can't wait to go back to Bohol next year. this time with my family. I hope we can do island hopping to Balicasag next time!


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