Terra Wellness Spa at Discovery Suites, Pasig City

Just want to share some photos of Terra Wellness Spa in Discovery Suites, Pasig City. I recently organized a Spa Party here during the product launching of Elemente Lavender Series.

This is the single room. It has its own shower room so you can really enjoy your massage at a very exclusive room of your own.

This is the couple's room which comes with its own bath tub and shower room. Me & Hubby was so lucky to try their massage in this oh-so-romantic room.


I am a massage/spa enthusiasts and I must say that Terra's Touch (their signature massage) is the best that I've got so far. It is not hard nor does it lack pressure. Just enough kneading. Just enough strokes with utmost care. Plus the ambience is really superb. I love their rooms which are spacious enough and very cozy. I swear, I almost fell asleep during my massage. Even my hubby can't get over it. Plus, it can accomodate up to 30 pax for a Spa Party perfect for bridal showers, intimate occassions and even product launch. The staff, especially Ms. Juliet (the one who did my massage) is super nice and super efficient. Even the attendees of the Spa Party I organized gave Terra Wellness Spa a thumbs up!

I am surely coming back here before the month ends. =)


  1. wow. i'll be taking note of this spa for me and my guy on v-day =)

  2. this is really perfect for couples because of their posh couples room. And the rates are at par with other famous spas like The Spa and Island Spa.


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