My Destination Wish List

My Destination Wish List

For me, travelling is like a bar of dark chocolate – it lightens up my mood in an instant. How it detaches me from the hustle and bustle of the city and the way it makes me explore striking vistas and discover rich history and well-preserved culture put me on a different high.
Travel in the Philippines used to be an expensive hobby. Years ago, just being able to ride a plane is like having a Birkin, a status symbol that only the rich and the famous could have. This is not the case anymore. Travelling in the Philippines became budget-friendlier, and tourism has become a booming industry across all markets.
With affordable airlines like AirAsia Zest (the powerhouse alliance between AirAsia, the world’s best low cost airline, and Zest Airways, Inc.), travelling in the Philippines and in Asia becomes a leisure pursuit that is worth every penny. I was so thrilled when I learned about this new partnership between the two airlines as I am one of the avid customers of AirAsia even when it was still flying from Clark. As soon as I saw the announcement, I immediately browsed AirAsia Zest’s website and checked fares online. Learning that AirAsia Zest now flies from Manila to Cebu, Davao, Kalibo (Boracay), Puerto Princesa, Tagbilaran, Cagayan De Oro, as well as our neighboring Asian countries like Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Shanghai, Incheon, I have conjured in my mind travel plans for the next few months. Here, let me share with you my travel wish list.

       Cagayan de Oro

White Island in Camiguin (Photo by my dear friend Jen Santos)
I have been to this city in Northern Mindanao quite a few times on official business, and in my numerous visits, never was I able to explore the natural beauty and hidden wonders  of the city of golden friendship. Sure, I was able to try the sinful crispy chicken skin at Dear Manok (a local restaurant) and had the chance to bring home Vjandep’s Pastel (caramel-filled buns), but I know there’s a lot more to check out. I've been wanting to go white water rafting and visit the nearby island province of Camiguin. Its white sand bar that disappears at high-tide and the sunken cemetery intrigue me.

      Puerto Princesa

The private cove at Capari in San Vicente, Palawan
Tandan Island, San Vicente Palawan
If you happen to read my recent blog posts (check here), you would understand why I want to revisit Palawan. Our trip to San Vicente might have been disastrous, but returning to the last frontier is an opportunity that is hard to miss. The stunning land- and seascapes of Daplac Cove, Exotic and German Islands still haunt me. And would you believe that I haven’t been to the award-winning St. Paul Subterranean River yet? What a pity!


Camotes Island (Photo by my dear friend Kelly Bontia)
Malapascua (Photo by my dear friend Kelly Bontia)

           The Queen City of the South is so dear to me as it was where my husband had express his will to be my lifetime partner, so visiting Cebu is more of a sentimental thing to both of us. We’ve reached the beautiful island of Sumilon, played with tukis (whale sharks) in Oslob, got drunk in Bantayan Island, and had a feast of native lechon (roast pork) and grilled chorizo in Mactan, but we’re still missing a lot. Take for example the iconic Mangodlong Rock in Camotes Island or the pristine beaches and the historic lighthouse of Malapascua, as well as the majestic Kawasan and Tumalog Falls. All of these are more than reasons to put Cebu in our bucket list. Oh, and didn’t I tell you that we have been wanting to celebrate our anniversary here since it is here where it all started?
A Hidden Gem at Boracay's Station 3
Kalibo is one of the gateways to the idyllic paradise of Boracay. While people go to the island to party ‘til they drop, I’d rather spend a day reading a book at a cozy lounge in one of the hidden coves around the island. A seaview suite with a spectacular view of the sea is all I need when I’m in Boracay. I can also check out the powdery white beaches of Antique (a two- to three-hour drive from Kalibo) and the caves and cliffs in Buruanga.
Ilig-Iligan Beach, Boracay
It is such a blessing to have an affordable airline like AirAsia Zest in the Philippines. We can now go to our destination of choice sans the wallet-wrecking prices! AirAsia Zest flies from NAIA Terminal 4.

 To know more about AirAsia Zest, please click on the logo
To know more about AirAsia Zest, please click on the logo.


  1. Nice destination choices :) To be honest, I've never been to Visayas or Mindanao. I hope I could travel there by next year :)

    Visions of a Colorblind Photographer

  2. Wow, beaches lahat! :D I love Camiguin but I think Boracay is now too crowded. I guess it would be nice to visit during habagat season, if only there's no typhoon hehe


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