What To Do in Misibis Bay? (Part 1)

Once a sleepy island, Cagraray is now home to a luxury island playground, the Misibis Bay Resort and Casino. The resort is perched at the southern tip  of Cagraray Island in the town of Bacacay in Albay, about an hour away from Legazpi City. My first chance to see this island destination was in 2008 when it was still under construction. I must admit that I underestimated this resort back then. In my mind I thought, what other activities could they offer in this lone resort? And isn't it too expensive? For the price, some would have thought of going to El Nido or Batanes instead.

Then, when I got the chance to visit the resort again this year, I was amazed at how the resort had bloomed into a world-class destination. The facilities are of international standards, the staff are well-trained and are always courteous. There is a long roster of activities that guests can enjoy. Indeed, it has given justice to its tagline "Your Luxury Island Playground." 

Upon arrival, a guest services officer gave us a suggested itinerary which we gladly followed throughout our stay. Let me share with you the myriad of things you can do in Misibis. Believe me, majority of these activities we did for the first time.

1. Segway Tour

Best time to go: Mornings or afternoons when the heat of the sun is not at its peak (unless you don't   mind getting tanned head on). Do this on your first day.

Added value: You'll be able to circle the entire resort and know the key places like the restaurant, swimming pools, recreation center, water sports hub, etc. while enjoying the ride. This will save you some "legwork" during your stay as you will know your way around already. Btw, the resort does not provide a resort map.

Okay, I don't know how to ride the bicycle...nor do I know how to even stand on roller blades. Anything that requires balancing, count me out. So, imagine my apprehension when I learned that I would be standing on a two-wheeled thing and roam around the resort. But Jomel, our patient and ever motivating guide, said there would be no need to balance, and it's easier than a bicycle, and that even Kris Aquino was able to do it.. There, he got me there. We geared up and listened to his short orientation before we finally stepped on our Segway -  a two-wheeled, self-balancing, battery-powered electric vehicle invented by Dean Kamen.

I was too nervous at first, but when I got the hang of it, I actually enjoyed the tour. Jomel knew where to stop for nice photo ops, and he would drag my Segway each time we go up high curves. Kudos!

We went around the resort taking photos in between. Jomel brought us to Zac Efron's beachfront villa as well as had a glimpse of the water sports center by the beach. We also went around the new phase of the resort where Garden View rooms are located. It was like a small subdivision with chic rooms and a promising landscape. Finally, we went to the marina where snorkeling and introductory diving are done. It was our last stop before going back to the Sitio - the resort's recreation center.

Around the Garden View phase
2. Zip Line and High Ropes

Best time to go: Afternoons are better so that you can enjoy the sunset by the Amphitheater before going back to the resort. The Cagraray Eco Energy Park is open in the morning from 8:00 to 10:30 am, and in the afternoon at 1:00 to 4:00 pm.

Added Value: Enjoy the views of the Sula Channel from the top!

The entrance to the Eco Energy Park
The Cagraray Eco Energy Park is a a project of the Eco-Trail Foundation Society, Inc. in partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and its divisions: Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) and Philippine Forest Corporation (PFC), and field offices: Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) and Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO); and the Municipal Government of Bacacay, Albay. The park is just a few meters away from Misibis Bay Resort and Casino. Locals and walk-in tourists can also go here for a minimal entrance fee of Php 25, plus applicable fees on the different attractions like the zip line, luge, high ropes, swimming pool, etc.

The basic zip line (200 meters) and the high ropes course are within the same area. There is an advance zip line area which runs at 400 meters but we were not able to check that out. I was almost convinced that I'd try the basic zip line when I saw the stairs at the high ropes (see below). My fear of heights won me over, so it was only hubby who were able to try the basic zip line. What a pity!

High Ropes Course
According to our guide, the controversial Maja Salvador, Gerald Anderson and friends had included this high ropes course as one of their activities during their team building at Misibis Bay. It looks easy, but I am 100% sure I wouldn't finish the course so I passed on this.

Meanwhile, hubby was gearing up and getting ready for his first zip line experience. He said it was scary at first but since it wasn't too long and too high, it wasn't that difficult at all. Promise, I'll do this next time I go back to Misibis!

Zip Line Launch Site
3. Luge

Best time to go: Afternoon or as long as it is not raining
Added value: Be one of the first to experience an exhilarating ride at Asia's longest luge track

The end of the basic zip line is where the starting point of the luge ride is. Luge is the newest addition to the eco parks roster of activities. It is the longest luge track in Asia, beating Sentosa's 688-meter dragon trail at 700 meters!

It was a fast and furious experience for us. Again, it was our first time to ride the luge as we did not try this in Singapore when we went there. It was super fun to glide on the curves of the hills!

Down the hill on a luge ride

Faster this time
4. Swimming at the Eco Energy Park

Best time to go: Morning 'til before sunset!

For those who wants to have a dip after the adrenaline-packed activities at the Eco Energy Park, you can do so at the swimming pool just a few steps away from the luge landing point. The pool is also open to the locals and walk-in guests, so for those who are trying to find an alternative to Misibis Bay Resort and Casino, you can go camping at the eco park, have a dip in the pool and engage in fun activities available. Although, the Misibis experience is something you should really splurge on, believe me. It's worth the hefty price.

The pool at the Cagraray Eco Energy Park

The hanging bridge that leads to the pool at the eco park
5. ATV to the hilltop

Best time to go: Sunrise. Be ready to wake up at 4:00 am for your 5:00 am ATV tour. Worth it, promise!

Added value: Have coffee while watching the sunrise at the hilltop

The reception area at dawn
We woke up at around 4:30 am, got ready, called the guest service officer and waited at the Spice Market restaurant for our ATV guide. It was pouring a bit so we had to wait a little for the rain to subside.We were so game to get wet and wild anyway, so we said we don't mind the rain. The guide was happy to oblige.

The poolside at 4:30 am
We went out of the resort to get our buggies, and while waiting for our guest service officer, our guide taught us how to operate the ATV. It was hubby who'd drive the ATV since it was our first time to do this and I didn't want to mess up the tour just because I don't know how to drive or am too scared to pass by the rocky hills. Okay, I was just getting paranoid.

Trying the small buggy

We listened to the briefing and practiced driving at the Garden View area before we finally said we're ready. The guide said our trail is about 6 kilometers, passing through concrete, rocky and muddy terrains. Well, that's what ATV's are for, right? =)

Our scenic ride started just when the skies began to lighten. It was a breezy day and felt like we were hacienderos roaming around our hacienda.

Our guest service officer infront of us, while our guide was on our tail carefully monitoring us

See where we came from?
Then, there was the rocky terrain that tested hubby's patience! Since it rained the night before, the road was slippery and we were advised to slow down a bit. It was one hell of a nerve-wracking super fun ride!!!

Rocky road ahead

And just before we reached the hilltop, we passed by a steep, muddy and wet cliff! I was so happy I wasn't driving the ATV alone, hehe!

We reached the hilltop just in time for sunrise. The views from the hilltop is priceless!

Our guide prepared our coffee and bread while we were taking photos. He said guests can actually have breakfast here on a clear day (for a fee, of course!) I could just imagine how romantic would that be -- sunrise breakfast with a view of the Albay Gulf and the nearby islands. I highly recommend the sunrise ATV tour as it will let guests appreciate not only the resort but the natural wonders around it.

With buggies by the sunrise
On a clear day, too, the Mayon volcano is visible from the other side of the hilltop view deck. Oh well, Mayon was so shy to show up. 

The other side of the hilltop

A breakfast place like no other
After enjoying the view and having coffee at the view deck. we asked our guide if we could visit the Stella Maris chapel and the amphitheater since we were not able to see these after our zip line and luge tour because it rained big time.

Stella Maris Chapel
The Stella Maris chapel was created mainly because there have been a lot of weddings being hosted at Misibis Bay. The chapel is lined with windows and walls that provide a nice view of the Cagraray land- and seascape. 

Inside the chapel

Our next stop was another view deck that commands a fantastic view of islands and islets dotting the Albay Gulf. It has the feel of a view deck in Tagaytay.

The nearby islands and islets
Our last stop was the amphitheater, a signature photo op background for those who have been to Misibis Bay. The guide said this was where Amazing Race had a pit stop, as well as where a few famous socialites had their private parties. The view was awe-inspiring at daylight but could turn more romantic at sunset. So, after your zip line and luge ride in the afternoon, make sure to pass by the amphitheater to watch how the dark skies add a dramatic feel to this picturesque site.

The Amphitheater
The amphitheater is backdropped by a small fishing village, thus colorful boats are visible especially at day time.

The fishing village

These are just half of the things that you can enjoy in Misibis. Up next, I'll share our water sports experience.


Misibis Bay
Cagraray Island, Bacacay, Albay Province, Bicol Region, Philippines
T:(63 52) 487 1540 / C: (63917) 599 1590 F:(63 52) 487 1540

Manila Sales and Reservations Office
1108 Tektite West Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange, Exchange Road,
Ortigas Center,1605 Pasig City, Phillippines
T: (63 2) 661 8888     F: (63 2) 470 3607     E: reservations@misibisbay.com 

Legazpi Office
Hotel Venezia
Renaissance Gardens, Washington Drive, 
Legazpi City, Albay, Philippines
T: (63 52) 481.0888


Special thanks to Misibis Bay Resort and Casino's 
General Manager, Mr. Ian Mayer Varona and 
Revenue Manager, Ms. Cherry Rodriguez


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