Good Morning, Aplaya!

Nothing beats a hearty breakfast for me. Some opt to skip the first meal of the day, but for me, it's a must to have a sumptuous, heavy breakfast to kick start my day. So, before we said hello to the corals and fishes of Balicasag Island in Bohol, we filled ourselves to the brim with Aplaya's morning buffet.

There was a bountiful spread of healthy delights. A salad bar with crisp veggies and fresh fruits, a bread station with a selection of jams, marmalade and butter, and my favorite - a create your own pancake station.

While hubby and I were browsing at the buffet stations, we pre-ordered our brewed coffee. The aroma alone made me awake! 

There are also some Oriental finds available like congee complete with condiments, siomai, and another create your own - a stir-fried noodle station.

I asked the wait staff to whip some stir-fried egg noodles for me. I selected some mushrooms, shrimp. squid, chicken, lots of garlic and spring onions. The finished product was a super yummy Pancit Canton! I love it that I even asked the wait staff to create the same for me the next day.

For heavy breakfast eaters like me, you might ask, do they have rice? Of course! There's plain and Shanghai rice perfect to combine with these sinful bacon slices! 

And the Visayas is known for seafoods and dried fish,  so at Aplaya, a fine selection of dried stuff is the  main attraction. Name it: dried dilis, dried danggit, dried pusit!

Are you wondering how my plate looks like? Here is a glimpse:

Of course, I had cheese slices, too! 

To cap our hearty breakfast, I got three pieces of rice cakes and dipped it into a warm and thick tablea chocolate sauce. The rice cake (or is it the tablea?) has a hint of lemongrass in it. Yum! This is the reason why I made sure I have  some tablea from Bohol to bring home!

Special thanks to Ms. Margie Munsayac for making our stay at Bluewater Panglao all worthwhile.


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Fax: (63 38) 416 0697

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