MUJI to GO Returns

My favorite Japanese lifestyle brand brings back MUJI to GO, highlighting 50 selected useful items for smart travel. As a frequent flier, it is very important for me to have travel essentials that are compact, convenient and functional, and all these can be found in MUJI.

Here's a peek at my favourite MUJI to GO items this season: 

Hard Carry Case Luggage
Made of durable and lightweight polycarbonate, this travel case provides supreme comfort with its 360-degree turning wheels and an adjustable carry bag to fit any height. Available in 3 sizes: 33L, 56L and 72L. I personally like the one in the middle. It looks classy allowing you to travel in style.

Suitcase Belt with TSA Lock
A durable strap that has a snug and strong fit around Muji’s Hard Carry Case, this is created to hold and secure your luggage with a built-in TSA lock. Having had some bad baggage mishandling experience with some airlines, this strap is heaven-sent for me.

EVA Pouch
Made of strong and sturdy plastic material, this pouch can give extra protection to small, delicate belongings such as accessories and cosmetics. Perfect for my kikay stuff!

Shrink Wrap T-Shirts
Wear comfortable shirts with crinkles that add interesting texture and distinctive look. Pack it into a compact, cube shape for a convenient and discrete fit inside your suitcase. This is genius! I can conveniently pack several pieces of this without the bulk, plus, no need to worry about ironing it as it already looks good as is.

Deodorant Case 
As a storage case, its special features is its deodorizing property that reduces odor of dirty clothes. It is also suitable to separate clean clothes from dirty ones inside your suitcase. Nice especially if you'll be bringing home your dirty, soaked clothes in your luggage.

Well-Fitting Beaded Neck Cushion
Known as Muji to Go’s Best Selling item, this travel pillow provides support to your neck and back when going on long flights or road trips. Never mind long haul flights, as long as I am comfy with this pillow!

Mobile Speakers
Bring your music with you through these foldable speakers with a built-in amplifier for great effects. Connection cord can be packed neatly away inside the speaker for protection and packing purposes. Perfect for my mp3 player!

What about you, have you chosen your top MUJI to GO items already? 
Go, travel in style and comfort!


  1. Hi. May I know... how much is the MUJI Hard Carry Case Luggage? Where did you buy it ? Thanks

  2. Love everything! I don't know why they don't have this in their Alabang branch!

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