Mangan Tamu at Bale Capampangan

Capampangan cuisine is perhaps the most eclectic and unique under the Filipino cuisine umbrella. Why? Have you tried eating camaru (crickets) or Bistig Damulag? There, now you agree. =) The dishes are mostly Filipino-Spanish in origin, but has some influences from Cantonese cuisine. 

Warning: People on a diet may have to declare a cheat day to pave way for some rich, oily yet sumptuous offers.

Bale Capampangan is an eclectic restaurant in San Fernando, Pampanga. the interiors are warm and fancy, with drapes and lamps adorning the ceiling. 

The buffet has 30 interesting Capampangan dishes, reasonably priced at Php 295 for lunch and Php 225 for dinner.  My favorite among the Capampangan dishes on offer is this - Crispy Crablets!

To make the experience more worthwhile, sushi, sashimi and tempura, as well as  lechon carvery are also included in the buffet.

So next time you'll be in San Fernando, devote time (and tummy space) for Bale Capampangan! Mangan tamu!


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