CHI, The Spa at EDSA Shangri-La Unveils the Secrets of the Sea

Photo courtesy of EDSA Shangri-La

It was a hot summer night and I was  trying to finish an article then when an email popped into the screen of my computer. It was from the EDSA Shangri-La, containing their Mother's Day specials. I browsed the email from top to bottom and the phrase "Secrets of the Sea" caught my attention. A Golden South Sea pearl body scrub? Interesting. 

Who wouldn't want to  indulge in an invigorating body scrub made of immaculate Golden South Sea pearls? Seriously, tell me, who wouldn't? So I replied to the email and asked more information about it. The staff at EDSA Shangri-La responded promptly., and I was very fortunate to be invited to try it.

When I went at CHI, I was welcomed by the opulent Shangri-La ambiance. We walk through the 5th floor where the Spa Suites  are located. If you want to spend a night of bliss, the Spa Suite is the best option. Pamper yourself with its own Jacuzzi and L'Occitane toiletries, as well as other premium amenities. CHI's treatment rooms are located in the same wing as the Spa Suites. We went down a few plight of stairs where CHI's reception is located.

As explained to me, finely-milled Jewelmer Golden South Sea pearls  are mixed with CHI's signature element oils. To know what element oil suits me, the spa therapist handed me a questionnaire before the treatment. After I accomplished the questionnaire, she told me that my elements are a mix of fire and water, and that my mood for the day leaned towards fire. So, having said that, to complement my mood, water element oil was used for my scrub, and fire element oil for my massage. I wonder if this water element of mine has something to do with my love for beaches, islands and marine life?

 The spa therapist then led me to the lavish treatment room and had informed me that I can use the steam bath (which she had pre-heated already) for 15 minutes. I love this part. I just love steam baths than sauna. I can dwell in it for hours. 

Photo courtesy of EDSA Shangri-La

After the soothing steam bath, the therapist showed me the finely-milled Golden South Sea pearls and the water element oil. She started putting oil on my body and gradually dust it with the immaculate pearl powder. It felt cold when it finally touched my skin. It is not coarse like the usual body scrub. It feels like baby powder. Unless you have allergies to pearls (I am not even sure if there is such a thing), this treatment is a better option for those who have sensitive skin. Since it is finely-milled, there is less risk of having abrasions. 

When the spa therapist had finally finished applying the delicate pearl powder on my body, she asked me to touch my skin and indeed, it was very smooth. A refreshing shower and another few minutes of steam bath followed, before my another  favourite part - the massage.

A gentle yet penetrative massage pressure focusing on the earth element (building ch’i), wood element (moving ch’i) and fire element (clarity and peace of mind), their signature massage - CHI Balance - uses techniques that include acupressure, energizing massage to stimulate yang and relaxing massage to calm yin. 

In the earlier questionnaire that I had filled out, there was a part there where I have to mark some body parts that I wish the therapist to focus on. True enough, these marks are very well taken into consideration. The spa therapist focused on my stiff back and legs. The strokes were divinely perfect. It was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep. 

For a local fare, CHI also prides itself in promoting the Philippines' very own - Hilot massage. It is an authentic treatment that focuses on ancient diagnostic methods passed down through generations of Philippine culture. In the traditional setting, warmed coconut oil and banana leaves are placed over the body and allows the healing hands of the Hilot to detect areas of energy imbalance and blockages in your body. 

I was awakened by the clink of this metal, the final ritual for every CHI treatment. It is believed to dispel bad vibes. There. Back to reality. How I wish this indulgence did not come to an end.

Photo courtesy of EDSA Shangri-La
I was served with a soothing cup of honeyed ginger ale before I put on my wardrobe back. The treatment lasted for about two and a half hours. Believe me, every single minute of those two and a half hours are all worthwhile. 

The Secrets of the Sea is available at CHI, the Spa at EDSA Shangri-la until June 2012 only, so better grab the opportunity to indulge in this unique indulgence. For reservations please call(63 2) 633 8888 or (63 2) 634 7303 or email at

While I was waiting for hubby to pick me up at the CHI lobby, I saw these lavish oils and soaps available for purchase. This is perfect for your very own DIY spa treatment at home.


  1. oh i love spa and massages! this is a really fabulous place for a treat. :)

  2. i just had a massage a while ago but this place looks much better!


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