Hot 'n Cold: Panda Fried Ice Cream in Dumaguete City

Our next target was to try Pandan Fried Ice Cream near Silliman University. I got curious because how the hell would you marry hot and cold into a yummy dessert? Well, indeed, to see is to believe.

Panda Ice Cream House is just a few steps from Silliman University's side gate. It has been featured in Jessica Soho before.

The interiors are a bit playful. Vibrant pops of color surround every table.

Panda Ice Cream Haus serves numerous ice cream desserts, and beautifully designed at that.

So without further ado, we ordered two Panda Fried Ice Cream (Pandan and Ube). Their fried ice cream is made of a crispy breaded shell like the ones in Cordon Bleu. Size is about 2.5 inches height. Price is Php 55 for the first piece, and Php 45 on your succeeding pieces.

Katy Perry probably had this delight  on her mind when she sang Hot 'n Cold! 

The shell appears like plain breaded stuff to me. It's not sweet, just crispy. The ice cream is ordinary, too. But the marriage of the two is what made it really special. I don't know but I just realized that I am a big fan of this "hot & cold" things like choco lava a la mode, turon a la mode, and all things a la mode! 

Ube Fried Ice Cream, Panda Ice Cream Haus

Pandan Fried Ice Cream, Panda Ice Cream Haus

My two cents, Panda Fried Ice Cream is something unusual, and for that it's worth trying. But the taste of the ice cream and the shell, if evaluated separately, is just too ordinary. The price is steep for the size. I mean, that's Php 55 bucks, I can buy two silvanas with that amount! 


  1. looks nice, will be swinging by dumaguete this month. I hope we can try this :)

  2. Just foloowed your blog :)

    Wow! I wanna taste this too.


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