Foodie Haven: Sanz Rival, Dumaguete City

While we were waiting for our room to be ready at Hotel Nicanor (for the nth time, *sigh), we decided to have coffee (and lunch at the second postponement of our hotel check-in)  at the most raved about Sanz Rival Cakes and Pastries, just a few steps away from the hotel. I was too excited to have their silvanas and sanzrival again!

The exteriors of Sanzrival reminds me of the Magnolia Bakery in New York City. It is small and simple, but is always full.

The interiors are adorned with pieces in blue and white. I just do not like the layout because I had to go to the other end to choose a dessert then back to the other to choose my main entree.

These tables become too busy at lunch time, so you should come early if you want to have a good spot.

The vitrine is full of yummy delights! Akisha was suddenly confused when she saw these cupcakes and rolls. At the end, she decided to have one of those Oreo cupcakes. The prices are so affordable by the way. Look, you can have luscious desserts at below Php 20!

And here is the star of the day, presentamus Silvanas! 

It was served fresh from the fridge but not frozen. There is balance between the sweetness of meringue and the milky buttercream. It is not overwhelmingly sweet. It is perfect. Heavenly perfect. And it is super cheap! As I am writing this post, I am badly craving for this silvanas!

Their Sanzrival is just as lovely. The coarsely-grounded cashew nuts add texture to the chewy meringue.

What else will complement heavenly desserts but a cup of freshly brewed caffeine boost. So I ordered their signature coffee and there, I saw the angels. *wink

On our next visit, after Hotel Nicanor said the room isn't ready yet (hmm, I began raising my brows, literally), we went to Sanz Rival again for lunch. 

They usually have set menus, but ala carte is also an option. See the prices? Affordable! And you can even remove some that you don't actually like. Versatile, affordable, delicious = perfect!

I decided to have the baked spareribs in honey sauce set. Beside it is the chicken parmigiana.

When I saw this cheesy lasagna, I told myself, I have to try this before going back to Manila.

Here are some potato balls at Php 60 per serving.

The Tuna Macaroni Salad as my side dish tastes like my mom's salad.

The spareribs in honey sauce is actually not outstanding for me. It doesn't taste like honey. The taste of ginger is so strong, and I am not a big fan of it unless it is in a curry dish. The meat though is so tender. The serving is just enough.

Hubby ordered Bolognese and we were surprised because the serving was big enough for two! The sauce is yummy, perhaps because there is a generous amount of parmesan cheese and olives on it. Yum!

Here is Akisha's Oreo cupcake.

After our Siquijor trip on our last day, we went here again for lunch. Can you imagine, we ate here three times! That's how satisfied we were!

Hubby ordered a set chicken dish that I already forgot the name (sorry!)

The potato salad is just as lovely. 

Here's the generous serving of the chicken dish I was talking about!

As promised, I ordered lasagna and I was so happy with it. It was so cheesy! Price is Php 60 per serving.

I also ordered a few desserts like this chocolate revel bar and brazo de mercedez (below). Obviously, I can't get enough of their desserts because these are just too yummy!

And look what Akisha saw, the biggest cupcake I've seen, ever! Cute!

I am giving Sanz Rival Cakes and Pastries a perfect 10! 


  1. drool sis! :)
    i absolutely loove Sansrival.. it's too bad it's only found in Dumaguete.. :(
    i totally liked their lasagna and their silvanas.. it's one of a kind :)


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