Walking Around Silliman University, Dumaguete City

When we went back to Hotel Nicanor at 12:00 noon, we were advised again that the room isn't ready yet, and that we should wait until about 30 minutes more. I said we will just wait in the lounge. Come 12:30 pm, the room still isn't ready. So I told the reception we will just eat lunch first. We had lunch at Sanzrival, a sleek cafe and restaurant just around the corner. This dining place deserves a full post, so I will cut my story on dining here. =)

After eating lunch, we checked the hotel and fortunately, the room is now ready. We rested a bit, and off we head to our next destination, Silliman University.

Still walking distance away from Hotel Nicanor, you  will find Silliman University's entrance gates. It is the oldest American university in the country. 

We were supposed to visit the Museum, but unfortunately it was already closed at 4:30 pm. 

The structures and lawns reminded me of Camp John Hay in Baguio City, another famous place formed by the Americans.

Just across the back gate of the university, which is not open by the way, is the port of Dumaguete City. 

This church looks so American, like the ones I see in movies. Beautiful and well-maintained, I must say.

This also caught my attention, a splendid spread of bleachers in front of the church, enveloped in lush greeneries.

After walking around, we headed to our next destination, Panda Ice Cream Bar. Yum!


  1. nice! This used to be my first choice for college uni. What I love about the uni is that its facing the sea right? haven't been there, but would like to one day.


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