Enchanting Siquijor (Part 5); Dining at Coco Grove Beach Resort

What I love most about traveling is that I've got to try different cuisines while enjoying a fantastic view of things I adore (read: sun, sea, sunset). And at Coco Grove Beach Resort, satisfying your cravings is effortless with its two signature restaurants: Sunset and Salamandas. 

Sunset Restaurant, from its name, is al fresco dining that has a perfect view of the sunset. It serves Filipino and International cuisines. Booking a room at Coco Grove Beach Resort usually comes with a free ala carte breakfast for two at the Sunset Restaurant. 

The restaurant can extend up to the poolside area where you will find some tables perfect for a romantic setup. You can ask their friendly staff to reserve a table for you in advance.

Come four o'clock in the afternoon, make sure to reserve a seat at one of these tables, to catch a glimpse of the captivating sunset. You can have some drinks like fresh fruit shakes and some pica-pica. Extend your stay until dinnertime and order their specials.

Their fruit shakes are made from fresh out-of-the-counter ingredients. Look at those mangoes! They look so yummy!

The tables I showed earlier turns into a romantic rendezvous when the night unfolds. With candles lit in the dim, a good tasting wine will complete the entire mood. A lot of engagements had happened on this  spot already. No wonder.

Since we did not order dessert, I decided to just order a Coconut Shake. This is the best Coconut Shake I've tried so far. It tastes like ice cream on shaved ice. A serving is not enough for me that I almost finish it even before our food was served.

The specials for that night was Mahi-Mahi in Beurre Blanc and Grilled Chicken. However, we decided to order other dishes as we crave for something "hot".

And by "hot" I mean sizzling hot! We ordered Sizzling Squid, which they served literally sizzling on the spot. 

Hubby loves the squid because he's the type who wants squid that is white and clean. I, on the other hand, wants squid that's black and "inky", like Adobong Pusit. Nevertheless, this was a good one. The gravy compensated for the "inky" taste I've been looking for. Serving-wise, it's good for two.

Hubby's definition of "hot" is different. He wants soup, and so he ordered Shrimp Sinigang (appetizer size). When it was served, we were surprised that it came with garlic bread, a first time for us to see the kind of combination. From the looks of it, I can say that the Shrimp Sinigang appeals hearty. It has generous amount of veggies and shrimp. Serving is good for one pax.

The next morning, we headed again to Sunset Restaurant for our breakfast. Here is a long shot of the resto.

To start the day right, we chose mango and watermelon, paired with apple and orange juice. The mangoes are sooooo sweet. Hello glycemic index!

Hubby ordered American Breakfast consists of bacon and 2 sunny side eggs, and beans side dish. He requested though that the bread be replaced with garlic rice (proud to be Pinoy!)

On the other hand, I ordered Flipino Breakfast consists of garlic rice, grilled Mahi-Mahi, and two eggs which I requested to cook one sunny side-up and another, scrambled.

We also had Earl Grey tea (my favorite) and tried  to mix it with milk, resulting in a yummy milk tea concoction!

That breakfast really made our day! It was so hearty and heavy!

Here are some snapshots of Coco Grove Beach Resort's other resto, Salamandas, which offers a wide variety of seafood and international dishes.


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