Enchanting Siquijor (Part 4): Sunset at Coco Grove Beach Resort

Aside from taking photos of pristine beaches and surreal underwater scenes, I also love capturing the sunset on stills. Its vivid colors are just so romantic and warm. I can just stare at it the whole time and think of nothing else. Sunsets put me into trance.

So when I learned about the captivating sunsets in Siquijor, I made sure I'll catch a glimpse of it. When I saw that the skies were starting to darken already, I tagged my hubby and Akisha to the beach and waited for the sunset to get more vivid.

Akisha practicing how to use our point and shoot camera. Is she going to be a blogger like mom soon?

Since earlier that morning, the skies were not really sunny, we expect that the sunset will not be as vivid as the ones during summer. Lo and behold, we still waited and voila! Here comes the sun!

The sunset starting to unfold over Apo Island

Though we were not  able to see the full sunset. like the ones you see in postcards, I can still say that indeed, sunsets in Siquijor are enchanting. It's so beautiful.

I wanna go back in summer!

The sun and the sea are just too mesmerizing to look at. Wonderful creations indeed.

Up next, gastronomic delights!


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