Enchanting Siquijor (Part 2): Coco Grove Beach Resort

After having lunch in our room, we did not waste time and went around Coco Grove Beach Resort. The entire resort is a paradise. It is very quiet, serene and relaxing. All we could hear was the bustling waves of the sea and the breeze.

The reception area is so cozy. It has comfy chairs and a parrot named Macky.

We went to the beach and saw a very nice stretch of white sand. If you have been to Bantayan in Cebu, the sand in Siquijor is very much similar, though the waves are tame here.

The sand may not as powdery as Boracay, but the water is clearer! And since the waves are tame, you can go kayaking to roam around the Tubod Marine Sanctuary.

Coco Grove Beach Resort also has boats that traverse the sea towards Apo Island Beach Resort, an island famous for diving that they also own.

The mountainous part on the right side of the photo is Dumaguete City. This was taken from the veranda of Sunset Restaurant. I swear, I can just lounge on this veranda and like write forever while staring at the majestic view. It supercharged my creativity that way.

Still from the Sunset Restaurant, Apo Island Beach Resort is already visible. See that small island? That's where the famous dive spot is. I wish I could go there this year. I wanna see turtles! The boat ride to that island will take around 1-2 hours from Coco Grove Beach Resort.

We lounge at these comfy beach beds for awhile. We can't get enough of the beach view so I kept on taking photos while Akisha and hubby are having a dip. Beaches and Sunsets are my favorite subjects. I just love them.

After bathing in the sun, we went to one of the resort's swimming pool and lounge at these posh beach beds. You can order drinks and snacks at Sunset Restaurant while chilling out here, or you could just bring a good book and laze around.

This is the smaller one of the two pools they have. It is suitable for kids because it has a shallow part.

We also checked out the resort's souvenir shop - Island Treasures. It offers clothes perfect for our country's tropical climate, accessories, and other pasalubong items.

I wanted to get one of these accessories, but when we checked out of the resort, we were in a hurry because the van was leaving already.=( Too bad, I was not able to buy even a ref magnet to add to my collection. (I always buy a ref magnet that has the name of the place engraved on it and display it on our fridge to mark that "we have been here").

Coco Grove Beach Resort shirts in vivid colors!

Another thing that I wanted to buy but missed out was this - paper wallets. I am a big fan of paper wallets as I find them convenient and space-saving. I always buy the ones in Davao, or any part of Mindanao. But these ones are different! The style and colors are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy betterrrrrrrrr. 

As I have written in my previous post, there is fishermen's village in the middle of the resort. It is a public place where local boatmen dock their boats. Safety is not an issue though, because the resort has security staff here. Though if you are afraid of the dark, this area might be scary for you at night. From the front desk to our room, we need to pass through this site.

This is the resort's gate from the fishermen's village. It reminds me of the book "The Secret Garden".

So after passing through the fishermen's village, you will see the dive shop and the Olympic-sized pool. This is more adult-friendly than the other pool.

It has a poolside bar where you can enjoy beer and cocktails until midnight.

We saw this while passing by the dive shop. If you have time, I suggest to avail the glass bottom boat ride so that you can appreciate the marine life at the Tubod Marine Sanctuary. As I have said, the water here is so clear, and the corals are so beautiful. You might be lucky to spot a sea turtle!

You can also borrow a kayak at the dive shop for free. What we did is borrow a kayak and life jackets, and paddled around Tubod Marine Sanctuary. Akisha enjoyed kayaking so much! 

Coco Grove Beach Resort also has a beach-side stage where they occasionally hold cultural nights, This is also perfect for weddings and other celebrations.

Just across the Royal Orchid Building is Salamandas Restaurant, the resort's seafood and international cuisine resto. It serves lunch and dinner. You can also order some refreshing desserts and shakes while you are at the comforts of your beach bed.

These cottages can be turned into a romantic beach-side dinner venue. Just book in advance!

This is the part of the beach nearest our room. What can you say? Who wouldn't want a paradise like this? I can just have a nap here the whole day! So relaxing!


  1. wow! I would love to visit this resort. I'm sure it gets crowded there when it's summer season. Wish I could go there!

  2. Thank you for letting us view the inside's of Coco Groove :)
    I was at Siquijor last summer 2011, but Coco Groove was fully booked thus they don't allow non-guests to go around the resort.


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