Sunrise Breakfast at Sumilon Bluewater

We woke up early the next day because I wanted to catch the sunrise in Sumilon Island. As my readers noticed, I love taking sunrise, sunset and underwater photos. These are simply amazing subjects that makes me happy everytime I add a new photo to my collection. I keep on telling myself that when I've got the chance to have my own house, I'll put these photos on display. 

So we were successful to catch the sunrise from the pavilion. It was breathtaking. And it happened too fast. The next we knew is that it's time for breakfast already, so we chose a table with a nice view of the ocean at the pavilion.

Hubby had pancakes and sausages. He shared it with Akisha who loved the sausages and sunny side up egg. 

When in Cebu, I always see to it that I eat danggit or dried fish. I am almost tempted not to use my utensils and eat using my bare hands (feeling at home). It was served with fried banana and atchara (chutney). Then we had coffee and fruit juice afterwards.

Now, were ready to head to our next adventure in Maribago Bluewater in mainland Cebu. I hope we can go back to Sumilon Island and try trekking and intro diving. Thumbs up to Sumilon Bluewater!


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