Sumptuous Seafood Dinner at The Cove, Maribago Bluewater

After lounging at the beachfront, we headed back to our suite and prepared for our much-awaited seafood dinner at The Cove. I love seafood. I remember when we were in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, I ate crabs like crazy. And by that I mean crabs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yes, I LOVE seafood.

We were served Baked Scallops and Crab Cakes as appetizers. I love both. They are delicious and perfectly prepared. 

The Crab Cakes are crispy outside, enveloping a succulent filling of fresh and juicy crab meat.

 The Cove by the way is a live seafood restaurant where you can choose from a wide variety of fresh catch enclosed in their huge aquariums. It serves ala carte lunch and dinner.

We were also served with Ensaladang Lato (seaweed salad) which my hubby enjoyed so much while I was having my fork at the large garlic-y prawns below. I swear I want to eat without my utensils again! =)

And what is a seafood feast without the king? Here goes The Cove's Chili Crabs! I love the kick the chilies bring. It awakened me. And of course, I indulged again in its mouthwatering, blood-pressure threatening aligue (crab fat). I hope I can have Chili Crabs everyday!

We were also served Chinese Style Lapu-Lapu. This is very light and complements the Chili Crabs. For those on a diet, or watching their "cholesterol" levels, this one is perfect. Spare the crabs and give it to me (kidding!).

I was also amazed to see this ceiling piece made of thousands (or even millions) of shells. 

Here's a glimpse of The Cove's seafood aquarium.

After dinner, we went to Allegro Restaurant and Bar again for dessert.


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