Sugba Lunch at Allegro Restaurant and Bar, Maribago Bluewater

Cebu is also famous for Sugba, or their rendition of grilling. On our last day in Maribago Bluewater, we had the chance to try their own version of Sugba or sinugba.

For appetizer, we chose Ensaladang Talbos ng Kamote, a sweet potato salad with crispy anchovies and native vinaigrette. This is a good alternative to the usual Caesar Salad. 

Ensaladang Talbos ng Kamote, Php 195

Allegro Restaurant and Bar lets you choose a cut (fish, pork, chicken). I chose salmon while hubby chose prawns. You will also choose 2 sidings and a sauce. I chose mashed potatoes for my salmon, seasoned with lemon butter sauce and veggies. 

The salmon is cooked the way I want it to be, not dry, just pink enough. The veggies are crisp, too!

Sugba Salmon, Php 550

Hubby chose prawns with Cebuano sauce (chili infused vinegar) and plain rice. I find this very Filipino. Though we find the prawns a little overcooked.
Sugba Prawns, Php 550

For dessert, we chose Pineapple Butterscotch (sorry, I am not really sure if this is its name.) It is a serving of chewy butterscotch with glazed pineapples, caramel and white chocolate cigar.


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