Pasalubong Suggestions from Southern Cebu

If you are tired of bringing home dried mangoes, otap and ref magnets, you may want to try bringing home a box of Chitang's Torta, a kilo of Carcar Chicharon or Argao's Tableya.

On our way back from Sumilon, we made a pit stop in Argao to buy tableya (cocoa tablets). From the street, you will be welcomed with the luscious and chocolatey aroma of tableya. 

While in Argao, make sure also to drop by Chitang's Torta, a very famous delicacy in Southern Cebu. It is  made of flour, rice wine, sugar and eggs. It melts in your mouth and makes you ask for more. Torta is priced at P100 for 3 pcs. The size is like Goldilocks' mamon. Aside from Torta, Chitang's also offers Podreda (cookies with candied fruits-I also love this!), lady fingers and a lot more!

Another pasalubong you can bring home is Carcar's chicharon. These are usually sold in the highway. The price is P500/kilo. Their chicharon is different because it is made of quality pork rind. You can pick from the pre-packed ones or you can select from this mountain of chicharon and have it packed. 

1/4 kilo of Carcar's Chicharon

You can buy 1/4 kilo packages for your friends and loved ones.


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