A Filipino-inspired holistic experience at the Amuma Spa

Maribago Bluewater prides itself  for offering Filipino-inspired holistic treatments in their very own Amuma  Spa. Amuma is a Visayan term that means "to pamper". True to its name, Amuma Spa is a haven for rejuvenation. Our blissful Amuma Spa journey started from our very own Amuma Spa Suite (see related story here). The suite is just a few steps away from the Amuma Spa main hall and its very own swimming pool.

We were asked to choose from four variants of massages oils: VCO, Ilang-Ilang, Lemon Grass and Green Tea. If I can only choose all, believe me, I will. I chose Lemon Grass for my hubby and VCO for me. 

We were then led to the Filipiniana-inspired shower room. The lockers were made of native materials. To complete the Filipiniana feel of the shower room, I was given a sarong instead of a robe which I shall wear after a refreshing bath.

The shower room is complete with bath amenities like lotion, cotton, Q-tips, shampoo, conditioner and soap. 

The shower rooms are clean and well-maintained. Kudos to Amuma Spa!

After a refreshing shower, we were led to the couple's room. This hallway is our gateway to a well-deserved spa indulgence, after working hard for many months! Should I say, this is the gateway to heaven? 

The couple's room is spacious. It has its own jacuzzi, steam bath, comfort room and a veranda.

We first indulged in Hingut-an, a head and shoulder massage that de-stressed us after our long journey from Sumilon Bluewater. The massage was followed by suob, a Filipino version of the steam bath. Suob has been used by various Filipino ethnic groups to drive away elements of illnesses. A concoction of warm water, herbs, salt and flowers were placed in a basin where we were asked to put our feet on, letting the therapeutic mixture vaporize inside a large thick cloth that envelops the body. The healthy steam increases blood circulation, fat metabolism and detoxification. It nourishes the skin and makes it supple. The muscle fibers soften which makes this a worthwhile treatment before a massage. 

That was just the beginning.

After the suob, we proceeded with our much awaited Amuma Hilot massage. It is Amuma Spa's signature rendition of the traditional Filipino hilot massage, a fusion of hilot techniques from across the Philippines. Uniquely Filipino, this therapy induces relaxation and promotes healing. Warm fresh banana fronds are used to loosen tense muscles. This is the Filipiniana version of the famous hot stone and ventosa massage. I love the warmth of the banana leaves placed on my back. It softened my stiff muscles. A relaxing pillow was also placed on my eyes. It is like a cold compress. I wonder where I can get one? It helps diminish puffiness in the eye area.

The massage lasted for an hour. The therapist then enjoined us to use the steam bath. 

Recharged, we then headed to the lounge area to indulge on a cup of ginger ale. It is definitely one of the most relaxing spa experience we had.

Amuma Spa also has a spa boutique at the ground floor of the spa pavilion. It offers a wide variety of homemade soaps, oils and a lot more.

 I forgot to grab some coconut soap and massage oils before we checked out the next day. I  am sure these coconut soaps are a good alternative to Akisha's oatmeal soap (the one she uses to alleviate her skin asthma). 

When we went out of Amuma Spa, it was already dark outside. The spa pavilion looks so beautiful at night.

Amuma Spa also has an alfresco spa pavilion by the poolside. It is also near the outdoor sauna and jacuzzi.

The outdoor spa pavilion gives you a chance to enjoy a massage while indulging in fresh air. 

You can also have Thai massage here on one of their floor mattresses. 

Amuma Spa is truly a sanctuary of Filipino-inspired holistic indulgences. So the next time you will visit Cebu, try to allot a day to relax after having a beach-and-sun adventure.


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