Good Shepherd Convent and Mines View Park, Baguio City

One of my favorite delicacies in Baguio is Good Shepherd's Ube Jam. Some might ask what is its difference from any other ube jam in the world? My answer: No other ube jam in the world can send the youth in Cordillera to school. An exaggeration perhaps, but it is really my reason why I always want that bottle of purple yam jam - to contribute to their advocacy of sharing the gift of education. This does not only apply to Good Shepherd's Ube Jam, but to their other products as well.

And I am so glad that a lot of people contribute to this advocacy, too. The long queue of people attest to the success of such advocacy. Good thing the lines are so organized and the turnover between counters are fast enough.

While waiting for our friend who fell in line for our group, we saw these fresh ube from the viewing deck. Seeing these ignited my craving for my favorite ube jam!

Someone is also selling these plump strawberries within the vicinity. I wonder if there are no crumpled paper beneath these? (kiddin'!)

There is also a garden where one can meditate or just sniff fresh air. This reminded me of the garden rosary in Manaoag Shrine in Pangasinan.

A chillout gazebo where you could also have your snacks. Just make sure to dispose your garbage properly.

I and my friend Ayee posing like crazy at the Grotto and koi pond.

These men probably bought all the ube jams on stock! Now, they have to carry that box while we go to Mines View Park. (ayan kasi!)

Just a  few hundred steps away from the Good Shepherd Convent is the all-time famous Mines View Park which boasts of a stunning view of the cityscape in Baguio City.

At the park's entrance, there is an outlet of Islands Souvenirs where you can get customized Baguio souvenir shirts while you wait.

And just across Mines View park are some pasalubong stores, of which my favorite is this stall that offers a wide array of Pashmina scarves. I actually hoarded some. =)


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