The Beach Life at Maribago Bluewater, Cebu

We continued to roam around Maribao Bluewater and found these two huge swimming pools (they have three actually). This one is near Allegro Restaurant and Bar. There's a lifeguard who is always on-duty, but exercising safety precautions should always be an S.O.P. The photo above is the one within the Amuma Spa complex.

We were so excited to hit the beach that day so we immediately went to the beach area and reserved a cabana. I was surprised to know that there are no waves at the beachfront. It is because the resort created an island/sand bar about 65 meters away from the beachfront. This is the Alegrado Island, a perfect venue for beach weddings and private beach parties. I was told that the island spared Maribago Bluewater from probable damages due to recent typhoons.

Alegrado Island can be reached via a small boat during high tide. You can walk through the clear water during low tide tough.

On the other side is The Cove, Maribago Bluewater's seafood restaurant. 

This is a sunset view of the nearby resorts from my beach bed in Maribago.

It's time for dinner! What about a sumptuous seafood dinner at The Cove?


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