Baguio shall also be called "Christmas Capital"

Baguio City is dubbed as the "Summer Capital of the Philippines" because of its cold climate amidst the heat of summer in other places in the country. But I highly believe that Baguio City isn't just the Summer Capital of the country, it should also be called the "Christmas Capital". Read on to know why.

During the "ber" months, Baguio City has a very cold climate and the flowers and pine trees bloom like spring. When you roam around the city, you will see rows of pine trees that look like real Christmas trees. If you also want bonfire dinners or just stay infront of a fireplace, there are accommodations and restaurants in Baguio City that offer this kind of attraction.

Additionally, just in front of the famous Baguio Country Club, you find the Christmas Village. This is open to all, members and non-members of BCC. An entrance fee of P30 will be collected at the entrance.

What's inside the Christmas Village? There are lots of snowmen and play houses inside. Upon entrance, the child in you will definitely come out.

Me & my dear friend Toni
 You can go inside the playhouses for some photo ops. There are also some stalls that sell BCC breads and pastries and other snacks should you starve while playing around.

See that "stargazing" sign? Beside that is a wooden bed where you can lie and just gaze at the stars. Interesting!

A real Christmas tree! But too bad the gifts aren't real. =)

A "belen" or nativity. We thought this was made of ceramic. But when my friend attempted to lift it, it seems like these are just paper mache.

And this is Santa's train! 

Now you know why I call Baguio City the Christmas Capital. Hope to be back in Baguio next Christmas!


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