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#Shookt in Bagamanoc

It got postponed twice: the first due to logistics constraints; the second, to lack of time. Elusive. Very Elusive. It's like playing hard-to-get. So I told myself, "It must be worth it."

Bagamanoc has been in our list since the very first time we visited Catanduanes, but it was only on our third attempt when we finally had a chance to explore this town off the north-eastern side of the Happy Island.

A dizzying, albeit scenic, two-hour ride from Virac brought us to a simple, quiet coastal town that is Bagamanoc. The town has so much story to tell--from how it was discovered to the tales of Kurakog--all of which we learned from no less than Provincial Board Member Vincent A. Villaluna. I will not be sharing the story here so that when you decide to visit the place, you will hear them firsthand. #nospoilers.

Our Base Camp
We arrived at a resort owned by the Villalunas in Pantaw, Bagamanoc. Within the resort are a restaurant (which serves really good food at reasonable &quo…

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