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Biri, Northern Samar: The Island That Rocks!

Each time I want to have some peace and quiet; to disconnect with the bustling world; and to keep my sanity intact, there's always one place, or region rather, that comes to my mind first--the Eastern Visayas. True, it may not be as popular as Palawan, or may not be as developed as Boracay, but that's exactly the point--I want to be away from the crowd and noise; only basic conveniences, pure shores and the mesmerizing beauty of nature. In my many visits to the region, I have been able to explore the provinces of Biliran, Leyte, and Southern Leyte. This year, I see to it to explore the promising rock formations and pristine islands of Northern Samar, as well as the alluring sights of Basey and Marabut down south. The first leg of our trip was Biri, where the award-winning rock formations can be found.
Biri is an island nestled in the northernmost tip of Northern Samar. It is bounded by the mighty Pacific Ocean and the San Bernardino Strait. The name "Biri" came from…

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